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Walnut Home Office
Walnut Home Office

Walnut with liquid metal painted doors.

Walnut Bookcasing
Walnut Bookcasing
Walnut Office
Walnut Office

American Black Walnut with Liquid Metals Doors


All in frame cabinets are available in a variety of hardwoods, including painted Tulipwood, American Black Walnut, Oak, Ash, and Maple. Our carcasses are manufactured from either moisture resistant mdf, or birch ply (if requested). For carcasses, veneered panels are available, and we can also line painted cabinets with a veneered hardwood interior.


Completely bespoke options. All our furniture is hand made, whether solid wood kitchens, or freestanding furniture. We can provide a wide range of skirting, cornices, mouldings and beadings. 

Frames and Doors: 

Our framework and cupboard doors are manufactured to a minimum of 25mm. Doors are hung into hardwood frames as opposed to mdf carcasses. We fit concealed soft close drawer slides with either easy close mechanisms, or magnets (customer choice).


We can fit solid oak dovetailed drawers, marble/silestone work surfaces, solid hardwood work surfaces (Oak, Walnut, Ash). Your own choice of hardware is supplied and fitted as standard service.


Timbers such as Oaks and Walnut are provided either oiled or lacquers. For painted furniture, we have in-house spray facilities, with a 4m spray booth and a AAA Graco spray system. Our cabinets and furniture are initially sprayed with 2 coats of microporous water based primer undercoat and left to dry naturally. We then provide a further 2 top coats of quality waterbased paint.. All coats are 'cut back' with abrasive in order to get a perfect finish. We can colour match any RAL code.

Alternatively, if you're not looking for a spray finish, a hand painted finish is available on request.


Where required, our furniture is fully installed by Chiselworks. 

For more information please call: 07484504110